At Suksh , we aim to offer you the best fit and Healthy Health. Our mission is We choose what's best for our customers, our farmers, our employees and our planet.

Customer satisfaction is another mission which we strive to reach with each order that a customer makes and right from booking to delivery, we only try to provide the best service to our customers.


Our Story

It's impossible to separate the birth of Suksh from the birth of Supriya and Akshat's son, Artham. Suksh is registered brand name of Artham Enterprises. The brand name Suksh was coined by Supriya by taking alphabets from her name and Akshat ' s name. SUKSH = SU from SUPRIYA + KSH from AKSHAT

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Registered Address: 108, Gopal Kunj, Azad Nagar Lane - 2, Khandari, Agra - 282002