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Premium organic cashews (grade w320)


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Premium California Almonds:

California Almonds are imported from California, USA.

The high yield and productivity that they achieve have caused California Almonds to reach every part of the world at affordable prices.

These almonds are rich in nutrients such as phytochemicals, Vitamin E and Omega 3. They are abundant sources of energy and are ideal for cooking and garnishing, other than snacking.

  • Adding almonds to your diet can help you fight against heart disease and diabetes
  • Almonds increase the insulin sensitivity in people who have a higher risk of diabetes
  • Almonds reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood
  • Being rich in Vitamin E, Almonds stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, helping you look young and fresh at all times
  • Almonds give your body, the power it needs to fight infections
  • Almonds are very good for your memory and can help you in preventing Alzheimer’s

Suksh Premium California Almonds are available in the following packs:

1 Kg: Rs. 800

500 Grams: Rs. 425

250 Grams: Rs. 220

Our Story

It's impossible to separate the birth of Suksh from the birth of Supriya and Akshat's son, Artham. Suksh is registered brand name of Artham Enterprises. The brand name Suksh was coined by Supriya by taking alphabets from her name and Akshat ' s name. SUKSH = SU from SUPRIYA + KSH from AKSHAT

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